Why are you reading this?



Well here goes another of several starts and stops over the years.

I am finally going to try and get some regular content that revolves around my unique knowledge base, meaning as I approach the age of 50 in the next year and 3 months I hope to share my expertise about life which just happens to include quite a depth of content.

There is so much to share and so little time as well as a deep need to screen out the information that does not benefit anyone.

The following are the topics though there may be many missing, I would also like to use this as Q and A thing for anyone needing a little direction.

Marriage (21+ plus years now categorizes me as an Expert)

Step Children (Same 21+ years and a whole world of hurt and experience to draw from)

Money (21+ years as a financial advisor and 15+ as a Certified Financial Planner)

Politics (Don’t believe if if you see it on the evening news, even the video can be fishy)

Guns (NRA Certified Trainer in Shotgun, Pistol and Refuse to be a Victim Classes)

Bacon (cmon look at the name of the website)

Jesus (not even close to being an expert, however the fact I have survived the first two in this list proves he and I have a relationship)

So that being said, I hope to have some links to what I have been reading and be here to answer questions related to this list as well as any others you come up with.

All the best

The Pig

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