Day: February 24, 2015

Picked a friend up from Jail today…


So as I am tying to trade the CL/Oil contract I get the call to go bail a buddy out of jail. I have a special relationship with this buddy that means if I get the call or he gets the call, we will move mountains to be there for the other one.

I can count on one hand the number of guys in my life that I have this sort of relationship with, and that is more than many folks have that they can rely on.

I would encourage you to think about who you call when the shit hits the fan as it will invariably do from time to time in your life and having a couple of those sorts of favors close to the vest is a good thing.

Just thought I would share this moment with you….

Why am I doing this, or WHY BLOG?


The Cathartic process of writing a blog site while seeming overwhelming is actually not as hard as it seems.

I have no idea the direction this will go, but I lets talk for a minute about my wins today.

#1 I started a diet on January 2nd that includes using the recipe for bulletproof coffee nearly daily with an addition of meal replacement protein powder to keep some vitamins going in the diet. (there were a couple of short trips that made it impossible with no blender access) stopping all bread and pasta intake and eliminating all sugary goodness like candy, cookies, cake etc. When I started the scale said 217.5 lbs, today the scale said 197.5 pounds, losing 20 lbs in under a month is a #WIN!

#2 I am trading again and hope to add more later, but I caught the better part of a few runs up and down today on Crude Oil and built the account back up by 11.76% in one day. That is in no small part due to the camaraderie and guidance of the folks over at Trading Addicts and specifically Jeff the resident addict. World Class advice and info over there.

#3 My church Bayside of Granite Bay had a guest speaker named Chris Brown come in last night, and he gave quite possibly the best sermon I have heard in over 20 years on the marriage relationship, and I encourage EVERYONE to watch it as it has plenty of information for atheists, jews and jihadis or other than Christians about relationships, please watch and be amazed at Chris Brown’s story telling ability!