Meanwhile as Joe Lunchbucket tries to survive day to day…

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Harry Reid is still stymying to let Obama legalize millions of ILLEGAL aliens and open the door to 100’s of thousands of muslims to come over from the mess he has created over there.

My lifelong Democrat Dad thinks he is doing a splendid job as my parents have fully assimilated to the Borg of Lamestream Media. Its scary out there…

The markets remain calm moving around a bit but not acting like we are on the verge of World War III, or painting an accurate picture of the huge currency and debt manipulation going on all over the world…

I hear they are trying to ban a certain type of ammo that is currently readily available for AR-15 rifles, I have no doubts there is about to be a big run on that ammo again, so buy em while you can find them.

I have not idea why I even write this stuff, I have no doubt I am already on several watch lists, but hey so are most patriots anymore because if you are not getting a handout from the government you are most likely on a list…

Just some random musings to keep something written regularly on this site…I made a great run on the NQ today, only to be stopped out and give a large chunk back, I also got stopped out of the GC contract last night at the peak an missed a nearly 10 point run down on that….Sheesh, I scalped a little bit of Crude Oil today but its looking more volatile so hope to step in and make some more dough in the coming weeks.

Bye for now!

The Pig

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