About The Pig

Although my wife would not hesitate to think it an appropriate name (in jest of course) I am a Certified Financial Planner who believes there is more than one way to skin a cat.

The difficulty of our business is to help people achieve their own financial success one a time, which though is like herding cats and is different for every person, finding that unique blend of investments, peace of mind and financial success has much more to do with how much you keep versus how much you earn.

We have a Warren Buffet philosophy of the fact is that if you do not lose a bunch of money in your investments, you do not have to take excess risk trying to make up that loss later when the panic starts to set in about the loss.

Panic-free investing, giving consideration that risk of loss of principle is more important in down markets, and that up-markets take care of themselves, we try and manage the downside while getting out of the way on the upside.

We offer comprehensive second opinions and risk reviews of portfolios and life insurance policies, and while trying to demonstrate and compel you to invest with us (rather than hype and selling) we know at the very least you will know where you stand from a downside risk postion with your long-time advisor (sometimes your friend,buddy or relative), and it might be time to either get them on your page, or take your portfolio and go to someone that had the same objectives and goals you do.

We manage money  a fee (2% for accounts under 250k and a decreasing fee schedule for higher amounts). We use ETF’s and funds to compile an asset allocation portfolio that is re-balanced when it needs to be re-balanced (no fees or commissions for re-balancing). Please ask about our risk back-stop we put in place to avoid devastating losses…

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